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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Its been a while since i blogged..

Its not that there is nothing i wanted to say..
Its just that i could not find an appropriate way to express myself.

Its not that there is no issue i can blog about..
its just that i am afraid that i would be ranting my life off and later on i would find that its just that i am being greedy and insatiable.

Its not that i do not have any outing to share..
Its just that i am too lazy to upload photos...

Lots of things have happened within the span of three months...

I see births see death on people around me..
these are joys and anguish of lives..

I do not know how to comfort you about ur losses..
But i think everyone would have to experience it at some point of their life.
Its just that you happen to face it earlier.
Just hope that time would heal the wound and ur heart would wrench lesser.

I do not know how to congratulate you on your gains.
I know that you are happy and contented with your life right now.
I see your joy i can feel it.

I do not know if i am happy or sad about my life..
I think maybe i am just not satisfied with what i have.

I just feel that i am not have directions right now and leading life as it is now..
Well maybe one day.. I will find my way..

For everything.. its just take times doesnt it?

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