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Sunday, December 10, 2006

If you are wondering what the picture depicts..

Besides the plane, n the sense of accomplishment we
I have

It is time for me to lose weight and shake off the fats..

unlocked @ Sunday, December 10, 2006

Oh yesh..

i forgot to mention that i got a real nice pair of earrings from Mel's mother.. haha..

thanks Aunite.. the earring v nice.. hah convey this to ur mum.. haha..

i been spending a lot lately.. way too much.. v horrible..
I must remind my self to save up..

unlocked @ Sunday, December 10, 2006

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Its DEC again..

Omg Time passes so fast...

FOr the past 2 weeks... i have been real busy..

Always working late and doing OT with no OT Pay..

But i wun complain that much.. I wun.. just that joining this field would mean that every month end i be real busy... haha..

of cos i dun desire to be a full fledged accountant.. not at all...

I think i be contented with a analyst position.

Anyway for updates...

Yesh... We really meet up already..

And now i am still suffering from butt ache.
My butt hurts like hell....

from parkway cycle all the way to changi and watch the aeroplane taking off..
Its the first time i cycled to the far end..

Sweated and feel like finally i have exercised...
I am really getting fatter.. n putting on weight cos of office job.
I dun really understand.. Y working late and eat late would result in me getting fatter... I dun think my appetite got increased lei...

Talking about appetite, i think i got humogous appetite.. for the thursday buffet.. the jap buffet... haha.. the sushi really taste nice nice.. wahahah...and its hand made by some jap chef..

One word.. NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cant bear the thought of eating at sakae..
Rather save up to eat the sushi buffet.. haha.. Taste like heaven..
Oh my god.. the eel just melt in your mouth... together with the rice..
its so fragrant.. i dun eat unagi at all de.. but then for this its just so delicious..

I wun share the venue of the sushi place here.. not at all..for fear of more ppl flogging there leaving me no space to eat when i go there again.. I am selfish.. haha.. :P

So my friends.. if you are really interested... just let me know.. i bring u all there to eat.. haha..

And i bought myself a new bag.. haha.. a small but handy one from guess..

Its cheap.. real cheap.. Vivo city is not a bad place to shop in.. haha..i shall go there more often and emerged with more victorious items.. haha..

Now i just wanna buy more clothes.. more and more clothes. but then again.. I am gaining weight.. i cant fit into some of the clothes i bought some time ago. or simply look like i got extra fats coming off from all over my body when i put those shirts on..

Oh my... i getting more bimbo.. oh no oh no...

Shall stop here..

unlocked @ Saturday, December 09, 2006

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