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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I think it does really helps to make me less grouchy about work and stuff..

Its the first time i shopped after the exam.. finally...

I bought a lot of things.. enough t shirt to last me another sem..

in total i bought 1 heels, 5 tops and i spent less than a hundred due to the great sale we are having out there...

but then as i mention life is sometimes like a rollar coaster.

I just cant seem to send out the 6.6 mb email to the person and there is no way i could dun send my compiled work to him.. Even scolding all the vulgarities that i have learned could not expressed the extreme irritation that i experienced.
spent a total of 3 hrs sending the email starting from like 11 plus and it ends at 2plus..

so irritated..... maybe i am stupid ah.. dunno how to change it into smaller size but even when i zip it.. still cant.. and its unsuccessful.. I cant upload it to my briefcase cos the max is 5 mb and wad i have is around or close to 7 mb.

Extremely irritated that i feel like crashing the whole comp system....
tmr have to go down to do survey at bugis again. this time with the boss visit.. have to let him see how do we do it. sian... which means no rest again....

Anyway i feel like going shopping again... guess right now i in a frenzy mood for shopping for clothes and stuff.. i want to buy more. MORE!!!!!!!! and i haven got my income yet... i hope i have time to shop ard and buy clothes for other ppl too....

unlocked @ Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Warning: its a long post.. i think it better for me to put this at the top. for those who are not interested in long ranting that i came up with... u can just ignore this post... Dun complain that i waste your time..
For the others if u want to carry on reading.. dun say i din warn u.... ]
maybe the long post is to make up for the lack of entries during this period of time..

Sometimes it seems too early to rejoice for a flexible working hours schedule where u only turn up for work for only 2-3 days a week.... Now that i realised that this kind of flexible hours would be invading on ur weekends...

I used to look forward to weekends when i worked as a temp cos i know that i could relax and shop and have fun over it... but now i think i dread weekends cos it only means that i have reports to submit on monday and i have to prepare for it...

Here i am typing on my blog as i reviewed what i have wriiten in my report to be submitted for monday.. then i have another one for tuesday and another one on wednesday.. It is not as difficult as doing an essay yet the research part is something i hated. cos i have to go through tons of information before i would proceed to select the useful ones which i can use. Then i have to make sure that the one report i submitted is concise and at the same time would not let ppl feel that i am eating snake and not doing work..

Its difficult lei....but then i am really pleased with myself that i could churn up tons of words within a short period of time.. yet i do not wish to shortchange myself this time for the assignments that i am supposed to do.. It is a chance for me to learn to experience.....

And today on a sunday... yah.... here... i am doing report and researching on materials... I am too tired to go out with my family..... i have been going out everyday for the week including saturdays and only returning home past 9 or 10... I need a rest..

I am sick of doing surveys and asking ppl to do surveys for me... I can take the rejection but its just that i dun like to stand there and do my work when on weekend before christmas i am supposed to be shopping away and looking out for sales.. With people swarming around me and shopping.. all of a sudden i really hated my work....
therefore as u can see.. i become emotionally unstable.. I looked through my entries and felt that they are mainly ranting on my part...... This is not suppose the way the life is going to be.. I began to wonder what will happen if i would start work next year.....

To a certain extend i like the income that work brought with it.. but then sometimes i would feel lonely when i work.. its the feeling of vacuum... and its kind of weird.. I dun feel it when i am schooling.... but then the vacuum would only occur once in a while cos i am always loaded with things to do.. it disappeared as fast as the rate it appears.....

Therefore to relax myself.. i start to read some chinese love story novel.. actually it sparks off with my sis who borrowed a few from the library.... and being the usual me . always do inappropriate things at the wrong time.... i began to pick up one book and start reading...

For your information, i am that kind of person who will refuse to take on any new task before i finished reading my book.. i would read it till the end even it is to the extent of starting to write my report late at night and end even later..

I dun like the stories that i read.... cos most of the time i dun really understand wad the author is trying to say behind the story... to me its just another silly love story and nothing else.. cos i dun want to do my report therefore i read it.. its just an alternative to substantiate my inability to complete the report on time.. and it is a good one.. cos i am reading.... at least i din waste my time zuo boing.. i am reading chinese books which i haven touched for ages and i miss reading chinese characters..

I think this post is way too long.. shall end here... back to report......
Life goes on...

unlocked @ Saturday, December 17, 2005

Friday, December 16, 2005

I wonder if i do get enough mood for christmas celebration if i am sloughing away for reports for the nxt few days..
In the past years, i would have time to shop around for christmas presents and think wad to do for christmas..

I have a list to do.. i do certainly hope i could come up with something by this weekend..

I hate doing survreys.. i just think that they are being manupilated in the wrong way, and thinkin of it makes me feel v uncomfortable.. perhaps its like that in the real world out there.. completely different from the academic..

I never really feel that i am that kind of academic person.. until i really went to do some related work.. perhaps this 2 and a half years spent in sch really helps me in becoming of who i am..

I can churn out reports with lots of words... thanks to my essay practise.. but then i really wonder can this be considered as a skill.. hhaa

Anyway things are not that bad with the survey however, i do find the methodology a bit problematic... i am too tired to say anything le.. the other intern told me not to take things too seriously.. maybe he is right ah..
AM i a better worker than student? as in i take things more seriously at work than with my sch work?? then maybe perhaps being in the working world may be more suitable for me than being in sch.. however being a bit of "academic" makes me feel that i do not fit in totally.. Guess we have to see how things go and adapt to changes..

However at the esplanade underground yest. i meet the nus jugglers.. i learn how to juggle.. learn a bit about the basics.. i would try juggling with three balls.. see if i could put it up as a performance haha...

I still haven go ikea to shop for my things.. i have to go before the end of dec...... so much things to do with so little time.. then i also want to shop for clothes.. i want to buy some new clothes.. hehe haven got any income coming in and yet i feel like spending liao... No tuition for this dec.. feeling so dead poor..

How do i get rid of spams.. N y do ppl bother to spam here..... I dun have lots of readers or wadever..
So to all the spammer.. i appreciate ur kind intention to make me feel that i do have something worthwhile here for u to put it up.. but then again .. as i said i do not have lots and tons of readers.. so if u really want to advertise pls turn to other alternatives..

unlocked @ Friday, December 16, 2005

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Can anyone please tell me wads the most " in" thingy that is ongoing now?
where can i find them??

Be it any events or any interesting stuff that you wished to share..
Zoukout party that is coming right up
outdoor activites like canoeing and stuff.. diving..
Or any other places that u visit that u feel that its interesting or nice.. can be a cafe or wadever..
Heeren shops ? Far east ?

J pop or K pop. or the punk rock?? wad is the most in thingy now??
where can i find them?

It could be fashion food anything that u feel that its interesting...
I am going crazy thinking bout such stuff...

Guess i am someone who is not too familar with the popular culture..

I realised that there is an increasing no. of ppl who reads my blog.. it cannot be compared to the popular blogs around.. but at least i feel that the number is big (in my opinion) very few ppl know about this blog in the first place..

so if u all can help pls tag.... thanks a lot.. ehehehehe...
even if u are at australia can tell me about any events or trends that u noticed that its intereesting out there... hehee

unlocked @ Saturday, December 10, 2005

Friday, December 09, 2005

actually i am suppose to do a report and hand it up by this sunday.. it feels so much like term time..
Busy busy with the research and all... haizzz.... i think i searched too much and then have to end up reading dozens of stuff before i could even churn out the report findings.. sian....

internship is so far okay and nice..
anyway i just think that taking anti biotics just screw up my body big time..
I am not really well lately haha...
i feel cold at one time, hot at another.. and i just get tired v easily..
I feel sleepy every afternoon and all.... not a good sign at all..

By the way i just finished reading a chinese novel today.. haha
should have spent the time reading those articles that i have found.. right now nothing had been done yet.
At least i have not finish doing the articles... have a report to send out tmr afternoon..... sian sian....


unlocked @ Friday, December 09, 2005

Sunday, December 04, 2005

My internship starts today..

I am really glad that i got it.. Its hard for arts student to get internship and i really feel fortunate to be given the opportunity to work. However, there is no fix working hours.. no fixed schedule of when i should work or not..
Everything is planned based on ourselves..

Its actually a market research assistant.. but then in the end i think we have to come up with the research ourselves.. There is two team mates and each of us would take turn to be the leader for the week.. altogether there will be 5 weeks.. i wonder would it be a long dreadful one or a sweet and short one.. hehe..

Anyway up to now i am v satisfied cos i went to report for work at 10 am today and by 330 we are free to go off le and minus away the 1 hr lunch and another 1 and a half hour for us to brainstorm and know one another...
And some introduction and walking around the places.. It ends..
And for tmr no need for me to go to report.. but i think our team would get together tonight to see if there is a need to meet tmr and discuss.. if not we will see each other on wednesday itself..

Wads in store for me this holiday?? I hoped i will not be too stretched out by the attachments and the stuff that i should do..

Anyway did enjoy myself over the weekend... After exam activities were fun.. except i puke on last sat..

After you abstain urself from some food for quite a while as in a few years.. it is better not to attempt to eat it again..
I dun eat the wanton mee for years.. but then i i just wanna try it out.. the result..

I hugged the toilet bowl like never before and puke straight into it.. I never eat the noodles again..

Anyway mel called me from Aust now.. so touched hahaha..

I just concentrate on talking to her.. she can hear me typing as i talk to her..

unlocked @ Sunday, December 04, 2005

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