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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Right now, i have been actively seeking for job employment opportunities and going for interview every other day..

I should say no matter wad kind of job interview it was, every interview enhances the experience and make me less afraid of speaking to strangers.

Then I bought my first set of makeup last sat... and did some eyebrow trimming.. gosh it was pure painful.. perhaps its the first time and perhaps i really have too much brows.. spend a bomb but then many thanks to friends who help and guided me along during this shopping trip and the others who help one way or another.. To me, this process is pure torture. I really dun like all those things on my face.

I have dragged this things like for over a year.. been telling myself that i have to face it sooner or later... but then the last straw came when i was told to put on makeup for interview... Its a last min mad rush.. though i could hardly learn anything out of it.. at least something is starting somewhere...

Hope i could find a decent job soon...

unlocked @ Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I realise that i have not been updating my blog for the past weeks..

I have just came back from a taiwan trip and now waiting to be callled for various job interview..

I think typhoon likes me a lot.. last july i went, i met one.. this may i went, i almost meet with another one...

Luckily i am back to singapore now...

Back to reality, i finally know why people like to go for holidays, it is a period of time where u can escape from all the things here..

But then, no matter what, i am back to the original place where i am..

What do we actually look for when we go travelling, for something new? for something interesting, doing things that we would not normally do in singapore? or simply a shopping trip which u spend like crazy..

While we are busy searching for things on the outside, wad we may be looking for is actually within ourselves.

Anyway, some things got misplace, i got 2 hairbands for a friend and when i came back and unpack, i can only find one.. wth!!!! THat thing costs!!!! blame it on my untidiness or wadever... but i really cant find that damn hairband!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so frustrated...

NO photos are taken for the whole trip cos it is purely dedicated for shopping..

What i can say is that there is only a certain amount of things we can buy, we can never finished buying all the stuff that we wanted. There is simply too much things out there that eventually, the issue boils down to wad we want and wad we need.. the same rules applies to shopping also..

Wad a crazy frenzy we are in.. some sort of like professional shopper, from 1 - 8 pm walking looking seeing buying.. the whole process continues for 4 days.... This is really crazy.

Of cos some of the stuff there are definately cheaper.. that explains the irrational behavior... and lacy stuff.. i got some... trying to break new grounds here...

I need lots of luck and well wishes now... looking for the first job in my life and it is getting exciting..

Well, i am back to reality after the whole trip ends..

unlocked @ Wednesday, May 17, 2006

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