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Sunday, March 18, 2007

I wonder if it is caused by the hot weather ?

Or the incessant cough i am having.

Or that month end is coming... ( i got to work on a sun this month end)

I still think i sound quite weird..

Bad Mood!!!!

Good thing is i am making progress with my driving..
Hope i can get my license soon..

Advance theory .. - - i haven take...
Practical lesson - - a few more to go before i complete them...

Shall chiong for more lessons and take advance theory soon...

But the point is i am still not in a v good mood..

WHY? ?

unlocked @ Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I never knew that i have to loggin through gmail and the old ID to loggin does not work anymore....

So here i am again... since i have just created a new gmail account..

I am just plain lazy to do that in the past....

NOw that i am back...

Chinese new year is way over....
Christmas is way way long ago...

However i decide to set some short term target for myself...

think life is boring...

and i put on weight since chinese new year... This is no joke at all...

A total of 7 kg... and today when i went out to shop.. waist line increase by 2 inches..

Goodness sake of 2 inches
Damn... i am fat now....

Need to do something about it before i went back to be as fat as i used to be...

Fei.. if u going jogging... please ask me along...

Time for me to go for my annual run...

Plus i need some opportunity to shake off my fats.......

Need some aim in life also...

Decide that i shall finish my drivin lesson which i stopped since i started on the new job..

time for me to go back and finished all lessons.. since my office is just so near the drivin sch...

then i must master Excel... learn to do more complex stuff like Macro.. now that i learn how to meddle with pivot and vlookup.. time for me to upgrade my skill to cheamer ones...

then i want to complete the whole training on SAP.. this is to improve on my employability in future.. hehe.. learn more stuff.. oracle and SAP.. wahahahh...

Then i must force my boss to let me go for some lessons and courses in coming may.. at least i can get a cert or something... hheehe...


found a really old photo that was like taken years ago... is it 2 or 3 years ago... ah...

Comparing it with the recent one which we took.. (not so recent also.. haha)

How time flies...

I think i am thinking of another holiday....

unlocked @ Sunday, March 04, 2007

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