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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Your Blogging Type is Pensive and Philosophical

You blog like no one else is reading...
You tend to use your blog to explore ideas - often in long winded prose.
Easy going and flexible, you tend to befriend other bloggers easily.
But if they disagree with once too much, you'll pull them from your blogroll!
What's Your Blogging Personality?
Oh i really wonder how true is it.. befriending other bloggers.. lol... AM i longwinded?
blog like no one else is reading.. i dun think any one with the right frame of mind can do that.. U know that there will be people reading no matter wad.. be it people that u know or dun.. Y not put it this way, the things u wrote online are things u dun mind other people knowing. As for the extent to how each topic is explored and dwelled , it would be up to the individual preference to determine.
As for those who really write as if no one is reading would be those who are really annoymous and revealed nothing about themselves if all they wanted was a venue for them to vent their frustration in writing.
Yeah!!! I am flexible... FLEXIBLE !!!!!!!! * u know wad i mean:)

unlocked @ Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Its been a while since i use chinese。 Just change the encoding if the page cannot be viewed properly。

有 些 字 是 只 有 华 文 才 能 表 达 得 恰 当。

一 个 人 到 底 对 他 身 边 周 遭 的 人 ,事, 物 有 多 大 的 影 响
是 不 是 很 难 判 断

想 一 想, 曾 经 是 你 生 命 中 的 过 客, 有 多 少 会 留 下 痕 迹
也 许 你 也 不 曾 发 现 你 会 不 经 意 地从 一 个 人 身 上 染 上 了 他 的 习 惯 或 受 了 影 响
而 这 个 习 惯 就 一 直 跟 着 你 ,影 响 着 你。
打 个 比 方

你 曾 有 个 朋 友, 他 告 诉 过 你 如 果 不 在 咖 啡 里 加 糖, 那 口 味 会 更 好。 而 你 也 照 做。 不 久 之 后 朋 友 就 算 不 在 联 络, 可 是 你 还 是 会 照 旧, 不 在 咖 啡 里 加 糖 。 而 这 习 惯 也 会 跟 着 你。 或 许 有 一 天 你 把 朋 友 给 忘 记 了 可 是 你 却 染 上 了 对 方 的 习 惯。

到 底 有 多 少 事, 我 们 会 不 经 意 地 受 到 其 他 人 的 影 响 也 不 自 觉?

一 个 人 可 以 不 在 你 的 生 活 里, 可 是 你 的 生 活 里 却 有 着 他 的 影 响。 那 个 人 或 许 也 不 知 道 他 有 这 般 能 力。。

或 者 当 你 看 到 了 offensive, 你 的 反 应 会 是 如 何 呢? (insider joke〕

总 之 我 还 是 觉 得 很 奇 妙。 一 个 人 的 生 活 里 遍 布 着 所 有 过 客 的 痕 迹 而 自 己 却 没 发 现。 很 多 时 候 都 是 在 别 人 的 提 醒 下 才 猛 然 发 现。


为 何 我 总想 在 茫 茫 人 海 中 能 够 看 到 你 的 身 影
为 何 我 总 期 待 着 和 你 不 期 而 遇
我 到 底 是 怀 着 怎 么 样 的 心 情 在 思 念 着 你
恋 上 的 是 你 还 是 自 己 心 中 所 塑 造 的 那 个 你

unlocked @ Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I think this is a new thing i learn today

Someone told me that if u have faith in some things. then u would believe in it without any conditions. even if its beyond your logical reasoning. You will still belive cos u have faith in it.

Maybe wad she had said could be true.But then can this be termed as blind faith?

However, when i start to question that n tried to accept some things...
There is always something thats there to remind me after all that i just cant take that path.

Maybe when i claimed that i have no faith n religion... I am quite wrong most of the time.
Cos somehow when i think of changing to another route, there would be reminders after all.
I guess this may be fate, i do have a faith after all.

Anyway, i really cant believe that in another three weeks time, the term would end.
This meant two things

1) Exam is coming
2) I am graduating

How fast can three years passed like this. It was like not long ago that i become a uni student n now, i am going to enter a new phrase in life.


There is so much uncertainty n unknown that is lying ahead of me. I would be lying if i say that i dun have any fears or doubts on wad is ahead. However, I know that i can rely on my own faith whahaa..

Wish me all the BEst in my job search.

unlocked @ Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Monday, March 06, 2006

Nothing beats than having one entire weekend spent on eating and sleeping.....
Its certainly not enjoyable..

This weekend i just wake up, eat medicine, sleep.. wake up, eat medicine, sleep.. and the whole cycle continues for two whole day. I wonder when is the last time i ever sleep so much.... there goes my weekend....
Ok i include around an hour or so that was spent online and lazing on bed watching tv..

BUt then my planned weekend of visiting the career talk on CFA and a friend bday celebration goes burst.
My sunday tuition cancelled which means i have to wait for one more week before i can proceed to get payment.

It is certainly funny.. I remember only sleeping for less than 9 hrs combined for my thurs and fri. THen on Sat n sun.. i think i slept more than 24 hrs for the two days. And recalling last weekend where i had my night cycling.. or wadever.. The Point IS I WASTED MY WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, when u are sick on weekend u start to think about stupid things..

Wad do people mean when they say


An example..

Hey wanna go to the blar blar blar today

" Don't mind going"

What exactly do people mean when they say these two words..

1) I have no better suggestion so anything that was raised, I don't mind.

2) Actually I dun realli like the idea but then since I cant come up with any better idea so i just agree and don't mind

3) I dun want to go but then since its u who ask for the companionship, i don't mind going.

4) I just cant be bothered about such stuff so any suggestion made is a decision so go on with it.. carry on. i don't mind

5) I really don't mind going, there is no underlying meaning

ANd therefore quit thinking so much about the reply of these two words..

I guess when people are sick, they get v bo liao.. when i am sick i am bo liao too...

while u guys are out there enjoying ur weekend. I am in a half awake state of thinking about Don't mind.

Today is monday, I have yet to recover. The fever had subsided but then my nose block din get any better and my throat gettting worse.....

" Wanna go see doc? "
" don't mind going..." ----- this means i got no other alternative though i dun realli like the idea of seeing the doctor. :P

unlocked @ Monday, March 06, 2006

Friday, March 03, 2006

I am sick..... maybe its due to the lack of sleep....

Then coincidentally my sis is also sick... both of us are down with cold ahha.....
Must be the air at Suntec too dirty hehe....

Should not have stay at the career fair..

Basically i do not find it useful personally but then i do get some information on further studies

As for the job hunts perspective, i dun think there is much to look at.. most of it is engine position and companies..

I wonder wad has it got to do with me..

Besides being in a job hunt process. I am also into personality hunt.. i am in the project of trying to understand myself
Hope that i could find my real interest and know myself better soon.....

unlocked @ Friday, March 03, 2006

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