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Monday, July 30, 2007

Money is certainly a very good topic..

It is blinding.. it is deceiving..
It helps to cover lots of things up..

Maybe i should trust my gut feeling this time round and not be blinded by any financial gains.

Maybe i should have spare more thoughts about phrasing word..

Maybe.. Maybe...

Have i been so unclear that my words got twisted..

Or just that the basis for understanding is not being levelled..

Is it a trap they are setting up that i am falling into..

How come i had a feeling that i am being coerced into things. My concerns are not unfounded..

Your advice does not fall on deaf ears..

I should have given it a clearer thought..
Luckily things have not gone too bad....

Take it as a lesson learned.. I have closed one door straight on my face.

Once a step is taken.. a decision made. Things are irreversible.

Let just take a step at a time and not try to rush into things.

I do not want to become a puppet of play. Not at all...

Y do things sound like i am at fault.. I dont like this feeling at all..
Maybe its the problem of miscommunication n a mismatch of expectations.

Scope - comfort zone - benefits....

maybe this would be a better measurement.

unlocked @ Monday, July 30, 2007

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Happen to be in some mood to update photos... heheh...

Family chalets

The gals in full force... haha..


Men at work..

Then came the couple of gatherings which i went for...

which i have simply no idea on how to upload those pic with rar....

so just these few pictures first... ehhe...

unlocked @ Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

One of the reasons i dun blog often is that i cannot remember my google email. not to mention the password.. i have to retrieve the email that was sent to confirm the account set up and retrieve the password..

anyway it is just plain stupid.

I been MIA for v long but a lot of things happen, went for gathering and stuff..

The most amazing gathering i had was with my primary school classmates.

Counting that i have not met them for like almost 11 years since i left pri sch, feel v funny to see everyone looking about the same. In one word weird.

Anyway it is certainly weird in a good way and i am certainly expecting more gathering.

Attended concert of one friend and gathering with the rp people.. life is as usual..

Having lots of thought but dunno where to start from..

Anyway it doesnt matter i am ending here..

Lazy to post pic from hk and macau..

Sometimes i hated myself for being such a procastinator..

I dunno wad the ** i am waiting for..

sometimes i dun even know why i am dragging things on..

I hated it. I hate myself..

Have you ever waited for something n in the end u dun even know why u waited..

The reason that keeps u on with the waiting.. sometimes juz vanished..

then in the fit of moment, you realli want to do something to make things different.
But again you waited coz u are afraid that you are being rash and rushed into doing things blindly..

then the Wait continues... and it lurged on.. dragged on... and you waited....


What is wrong? ? ?

unlocked @ Tuesday, July 03, 2007

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