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Thursday, August 24, 2006

I do not really know how to name this entry.. just some stuff here and there

Firstly, cos i attended a company event, i gained another set of new voucher

wahahah... I just think its going to make me spend more money in future...

More and more vouchers.. to spend more money..

BUt the cost of spending my previous friday evening there in return for
30 bucks worth of gifts and prizes... Think its not a bad deal after all...

Anyway i really think i need to get a new wallet...

I really need to do some shopping and contribute a little to our growing economy.

I just cant really think of any intellectual issue to talk about..
My brain and creativity is dying.. someone pls help me....

I am bored again.. cant start on a research topic on my own and i dun wanna think about my future and path to my future career..

A week more to go till i get my nxt pay... haha..

ONe thing good about working.. u get paid every month on time.. wahaha...
I still indulge in the joy of getting my monthly pay and the arrival of fridays..

Really like this phrase.. " thank god it's friday "

It shows that how much i treasure the arrival of every weekend..

Need to do some house keeping like tidying my room and to take time off weekend to go learn the car..
I hope i can get the license soon and get my butt up and start going for the lesson..

been experiencing serious nose block these few days.. i just cant breathe in aircon..

it becomes v difficult when i have to talk at the same time..

I also need chinese software so i can view text in chinese.........

unlocked @ Thursday, August 24, 2006

Friday, August 18, 2006

Right now trying to inject more meaning into my life..

Like for once.. i do find meaning in my job...

Bit by bit i realised the important part to my work..
It does carry some significance to other people as in my work do affect them
somehow or another..

Think this would help me in finding more meaning in my life..

Make life meaningful for yourself even if u find things mundane..

maybe a new perspective might be found and you be happier..

But i wonder how long will this last...

No passion No purpose No drive..

This really starts to make sense now... It applies to work more than studies ba..
As in the things u do... need to have passion to like it and excel in it..

If u dun have any passion, at least find some purpose in it so u will have the drive
to go through it...

Its important to have things last through drive.. does not matter if u have no passion in it..

Do i sound sad typing this kind of things.. hahah... sian life i am having but its alright.. i am making the best out of it..

WOrk mah.. cant complain too much, every end of month get pay can le wahhaha...

unlocked @ Friday, August 18, 2006

Sunday, August 13, 2006

List of things that i think i need to buy

1) A wallet
2) Printer
3) spent the Voucher
4) new bag
5) new clothes.. erm more clothes maybe
6) watch
7) new handphone
8) foundation
9) ....

so many new things i have to buy........

No idea where to start from..

tmr is monday again.. starting my counting down from now...

Friday friday pls come again.. the most look forward day is friday n weekends..

N there is no more holiday from now till september...

unlocked @ Sunday, August 13, 2006

Saturday, August 12, 2006

I started to think that ERP is just a useless system that is out to earn the money of all people who owned cars.

Last night i was at orchard and guess how long i took to to get to esplanade?

From orchard to esplanade.. 1 and half hr...

Wad the ***

I think if i take public transport like mrt from orchard to cityhall, it would be much faster..
Wads the use of the car when it doesnt facilitate your mobility around the little red dot..

Sooner or later the little red dot would be filled with all entry with orange operation light that would light up at the appropriate hours to charge ppl whenever they make an entry.

Maybe later it would eventually developed into it lighting up at all hours. Once u go out on the road they will start charging the meter.. how much u travel, they charge u.. like the taxi meter... imagine that.. OMG...

I do not based this on my own imagination or wadever so.. Isnt it now the entry raised by 50 cents.. from the one dollar? Since i dun drive, i dun really know how much they charge.. but being a futher potential owner of a car.. I cant help to start to wonder.

My brain is rotting from the monotonous work that i am doing everyday...

I never really knew wad mundane is like or the theory of alienation that i used to study about..

NOw having experience it.. i cant help but marvel at the great intelligence Weber had.

I decided to enriched myself with activities and stuff that i can do...

First i have to finished my driving lesson.. I have not started it yet...

then i proceed to taking thai language lesson..

Then have to take kick boxing lesson to exercise since i grow v fat with all the sitting around in office and not exercising.


I also have a list of things that i need and buy... I will come up with a list later on.. haha...

unlocked @ Saturday, August 12, 2006

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