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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Ok i got my comment box on now..

Previously i took it off cos no one leaves message..
Now i got it on again... so please utilize it my friends.. haha..

And yesh.. princessgx.. i change ur blog address le..
and i updated my wish list le.. haha..

Hope i can get all the things i want soon..

Handphone.. new handphone.. but i haven decide on which model..
shit i am fickle.. haha..keep changing my mind..

Digital cam.. Canon.. i am coming.. hope can get a cheap and nice deal. :)

then i wanna change my facial wash brand.. i wanna change the whole line from the toner to cleanser.. ALL... whaahahah...

A tiffany & co necklace.. but some ppl advise me on getting myself a bf who can get me this kind of stuff instead..

I wanna get a new haircut from a salon at paragon.. I cant remember wads the name..
just that my co. pass can get me some discount there.. so i thought of trying.. haha..

I wanna get lots and lots of things.. oh my...

I bought myself a new skirt yesterday...

A new powder foundation with a lighter tone.. a refill also must cost 50 plus.. damn ex..

Am i getting more of a spendthrift.. i get thrilled for buying things whenever i go out.. Damn..

unlocked @ Saturday, November 25, 2006

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I really think time flies..

i cannot remember when do i actually start work luckily i wrote it in the last entry..

whether its a right decision or not.. its still too early to say..
the boss who hire me in.. is leaving this thursday..
i wonder what would happen when the new boss arrive..

then again.. office politics surfacing... i think it takes some time to learn about the environment and how to survive in it. I still dunno wad is happening but strangely, the person who left the position which i am filling now actually emailed me and tell me a lot of strange things.

I cant help and stop to wonder wads her motive. Maybe i should not think too much and just take things at the surface value.. Alrite.. i shall take a step at a time and see wad to do..

Anyway i really do feel quite relax this week. haha.. went for clubbing on wed night.. hahaah whahahah...

Its been so long since i went.. really enjoyed the night and getting a bit tipsy.. haha.. In short.. quite high after some drinks..

I guessed its the first time i drink so much... and maybe get a little too high..
haha.. let me count... 2 shots 1 teq pop 1 screwdriver and 1 vodka cranberry and take some sips of gin tonic and vodka redbull...

I find that its easy to know ppl in clubs as the whole atmosphere is so relaxing and ya.. everyone do let themselves go and ppl seems to be letting their guard down.. No need to care about office politics saying the wrong things and offending ppl..

everything were friendly.. friendly smiles.. talks.. smiles.. and shaking your asses and head off.. haha.. BUt then with 3 hours of sleep and having to work till late the nxt day is just horrendous. I wonder how ghastly i looked like. hah..

But i am happy.. really happy and relaxed..

I know i cant do this too often.. my job simply requires too much attention and concentration. No room for mistakes at all. NO room!!!!!!!!

unlocked @ Saturday, November 18, 2006

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