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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Yest i received an sms from one of my friends

It reads

Hey u awake? Did you feel the building shaking a bit?

This SMS is sent in the the middle of the night 0026..
Yesh i am asleep at this time..

I do not usually sleep so early.. its just that i have just finish an assignment the night before and slept late. I slept like about 10 pm and wake up at 9 am this morning...

This is my reply to the person

Eh i am sleeping like a log at that time.. too tired..

Then after i sent this SMS out, i begin to think....

Yeah began to think..... Cos i have been thinking too much nowadays for my assignment.. maybe it has become a habit...

What if a earthquake really happened? Though we knew that it is not possible in singapore

I change it to a fire instead...

Given how soundly i slept... there is no way i can wake up

I am quite a heavy sleeper... Is there any other way i can alert myself when this kind of things happened?

In the end, i reached the conclusion that may be nothings gonna help.
If any crisis of sort happened in the middle of the night be it a fire, earthtquake...


ANyway i be asleep and Would not know what is happening....
then i may die in my sleep without myself knowing...
ANd thats great!!! There is no need to suffer any agony...

Wahaha thats a great idea isnt it...

Before i forget i just wanted to add that

this afternoon i saw a gal wearing a school PE t shirt that has these few words at the back

" AMKsian"

HOw would u interpret this??

I cannot stop my laughter....

I am not trying to be mean... but then i would like to say that by adding an "ian" at the end of each sch name may not sound nice... this is one of the best example...

BE MORE DISCREET and have more creativity when there is any attempt to try to reproduce a similar work.... It does not always end good...


It may just end up the other way......

This can be applied to a lot of things as well..

P.S. this example is not used against any schools or wadever... its just a remark and have no personal agenda against the school..

unlocked @ Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Cant really believe that i can be so busy...
ONe assignment after another...

Think i left 2 more essays to be hand up nxt week....
Finally all can be over....

I had been always on the go for 2 weeks.. left a week more...

ANyway just for update...

I have bought a new BIKINI!!!
ANd its Pink in colour.. hehee

No matter how busy it gets there is always time to get somethings..

Bought it from the addidas sale
wow... the goods there are really going at a cheap price...
ANd i realised that i am not good when it comes to this kind of warehouse sales...

Often undecided of wad i wan then in the end things will get snatched up so fast...

I think nxt time i must be more prepared.. go in.. zoom..... come out with all the things i bought..

unlocked @ Thursday, March 24, 2005

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Really funny that i suddenly feel very lonely or should say alienated in amid of a whole lot of work to complete..

Am i too stressed bcos of my workload ?

Maybe can put it this way, i feel lonely now..
ENdless project meetings, essays reading to do....
Dun have free days

Great chances for the invasion of Religion into my life right now...

WOnder wad would it be about..
will it fill the emptyness in me?

If i ever did go then maybe then i would start to believe in somethings
wadever Religion it may be...

How did i ever feel this way... So alone and empty?
WHen i still have things to do and suddenly this feeling dawned on me

AM i not busy enough ???

unlocked @ Thursday, March 17, 2005

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Ok in a joyous mood now...

LIke the feeling of finally found some things.. hehe

Hard work sure pays off....

Persist till the end n you may get it....

I got tons of things to do...

Midterm again nxt week... essays to be handed up.. presentation...

Got an interview tmr..
Hope i can pass it....

Honesty is at times not the best policy..
Being frank may cause u to lose some things too...

If people cant understand you, being frank may not allow them to understand ur view or stand but they would tend to pass unfair judgement..

Who are we to judge if we cant even judge ourselves sometimes...

unlocked @ Sunday, March 13, 2005

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

BUsy BUsy Busy

MIdterm midterm midterm...

Finish quite a lot of things even though its the first few days of the week

A translated transcript--- did it until almost 1 am yest

Finish studying for ec 3333

I went to library these two days to study lor...
went to sch early about 1 hr before actual lesson starts to do my work..

heh.... first step first step. hehe

ANd although i am busy.... i have not forgotten about my shopping...

Bought 2 t shirts from the bazaar today... cool and nice... hehee

LocalBrand is it a local brand tshirt? heehee
anyway i think their design is nice...

N i also sign up as a arts camp councillor today at the booth....
Suddenly I am so happening....

And as for the mentoring, i had already send the application form out le...

SO i shall wait and let things happen by themselves since i have laid out the first step.. :)

unlocked @ Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Just realise that dreams are getting further and futher away as u grow older

Y do ppl tend to have dreams that needs MOney to fulfill??

Like for example i would like to travel around the world. wanna go to this place or that.. At least u need the amount to get u a air ticket and expenses for food when u reached there..

When we grow older, do we tend to have more and more dreams that we need Mr M to fulfill for us?

ANd as i grow older, i realised that my childhood dreams are actually hard to realise..
And wad i dream of seemed quite impossible

Have i lose confidence? Have i lose the courage to pursuit it? OR i just realise that its not that possible to achieve it at least for now...

Think as we grow older we tend to fit ourselves into things that we can achieve and thus forget our dreams slowly..

And i really think that taking first step is diffcult. cos u would not noe wads in for u nxt. haha
Ah.. seems to be less adventurous as i grow older liao wo...

Do i think too much or right now i have also lose the courage to pursuit indefinite things..
Likes stability more and more manz..
Taking step at one time may be good too....

unlocked @ Saturday, March 05, 2005

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


JUst read a friend's blog..
ANyway its really nothing much :)
Glad that we survive through... extreme physical demands.. haha maybe i haven been exercising for a long time.

I maybe shall take the first step by joining the mentoring club... ehheheh then if can i may join canoe subclub hahah

Nv knew that there is such a side to myself haha..
I mean its a good one though!!

But for my Sep its too late unless i gg to study for another year in nus.. haha
cant go for an exchange in graduating sem N for nxt sem, the application is closed.

So its dashed.. let me continue in my dreams....

BUt right now i think i shall start going library to study...

I remember i said that from this sem onwards i shall go lib but until today i think i only went once to study.. opps!

Maybe i be appearing in library more....
Midterm coming soon....

Hope everyone will did well for their midterm.

unlocked @ Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

I have blue black on my right arm
I have blue black on my left arm

Wad actually have i did?

I went to a canoeing course-- its a one star

But it seem like i have a big fight with it that i ended up with so much blue blacks..
And that is for the arms

My whole body ache like hell....
My leg muscle seems like they are over exerted..

I think my energy level now is low......

Physical i must say.. but i am planning to go for a two star course.
i think i am clearer mentally...

Physically exhausted but somehow this set me on another thinking mode again....

N i must say generally when i am on thinking mode, i do not really feel as happy

I tend to think of wad do i really want kind of stuff...

SUddenly i feel that there is a lot of things i wanna do as a student before i even graduate one year later...
(it may seem far away but i really feel that time really passes very fast)

I want to take part in activities!!!
I want to commit to some cca. I mean sports cca not that kind of planning one but more physical
I want to go for an exchange
I want to make a differences in peoples life
I want to excel in wadever i study ( taking away my laisser fair kind of attitude)
I want to go for a YEP
I want to stay in hostel
I want to
I want to

THere is so much things that i want
but i really wonder which one can i actually accomplished
given that i have loads of things that i have not completed

unlocked @ Tuesday, March 01, 2005

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