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Saturday, October 28, 2006

I am starting work tmr.
I hope i have made the right choice.

Y do things always have to happen at wrong time.
JUst as u have made up ur mind.. new choices and opportunities come by..

its either u stand by ur decision or u just simply change ur mind.

Whatever the case.. I am following wad my heart says.
But then my brain cant help ranting to my heart.

I think i must have faith and the courage to move on with the decision i have made.
N no regrets. No No regrets.

Look inside you and be strong!

unlocked @ Saturday, October 28, 2006

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Many things in life are really unpredictable..

The things i have been going through these days really show how true the sentence is...

Interview that i went for... morning interview.. evening.. calling in and confirmed pay and everything..

wow.. this is how fast and efficient things can be done if u are actually being selected for a job..

What i did for the interview..

First.. din really put on my lipstick.. with foundation and blusher, without lipstick i think i totally cannot make it.. look quite bad......

then i din iron my shirt.. a bit crumpled but then not v untidy..

Again, i did ask stupid questions... and i would not revealed wad they were..

In the end i still got it...

What about those interview which i put in lots of effort..

wrote a 1000 word essay for them on analysing situation in the world today..

Say will get back to me for second round.. until now no news..


waste my time!!!!

then which i dressed up nicely for and put in effort in reading materials before i go ..

Ya when they see u, they talk for v long.. and dun wanna let u go..

after that .. still no news... @!#!$%#$%#!!!!!W%#$%#

Ok .. anyway i am glad i got a new job and i think i am satisfied..

not really sure how is it going to be but then think i would learn a hell lot out of it.. hehe...

DUn think will be putting up a tagboard.. no one leaves message there.. and i dun welcome spam there..

I went for one lesson in auto car driving lesson and is now comtemplating to change to auto from manual.. its so much easier and no need think to think of wad gear to use..

oh manz... should i change??

unlocked @ Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Its been a long time since i blogged..

Basically, a whole lot of things had happened..
which i dunno where should i start writing from..

To put it simply,
I started work, ended the work,went to learn driving and then went for holiday, and now searching for new opportunities to work again.

Wow this is how short things can get to summarise the over all happenings in my life.

Of cos not to mention about the birthdays i went to and meeting up with friends and even ex colleagues.

Its v weird that bonds can be formed within the 3 months and slowly getting even more closer than we are working together.

Anyway, i really look forward to the nxt job that i be having and hope that i would have make a good choice.. hehe..

New layout new life. . . .

unlocked @ Sunday, October 22, 2006

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