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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Things seem to be stopped at where it seems to be over the past two weekends, i spent my sat packing my room and sun teaching tuition.

Busy weekend i have, days in sch passed fast... perhaps due to the fact that i am having afternoon lessons.

Suddenly it dawned on me that Chinese New year is coming.. I din realised that its this weekend.. though i am always ranting about wanting to shop for clothes for new year.. haha
In the end it is those who went with me to shop getting the clothes..

Anyway during one of the lectures that i attended.. i came upon a new phrase.. Gross National Happiness..

Believe me i am not joking... there is this place named Bhutan where it is not so developed yet... though for most country where the govt are concerned about their economy and the (GDP) Gross National /Domestic Product, this place actually focuses on the spritual health of the people there....

I thought it is rather interesting..... Gross National Happiness. if there is ever any chance i would visit the place i would certainly like it a lot.. however they do charge tourist a fee when they visit and they count it by the number of days u spent there... Touring there meant that i would have to spend a bomb N it also means that the place is not so open to the tourist. I think it is their way of controlling the visitors to the place in hope of preserving most of their culture...

I hope that this week morning lesson that i have. i be able to survive through... its now like 2 am and tmr i have lesson at 10 am which means that i have to wake up at 8 plus.... I hate morning lessons.......

PLus this sem i got a lecture at 8 AM in the morning.... I think i am crazy... i think those who knew me also would feel that same way.... wads worse is that its a language lecture.... I hope i can stay awake for the lessons and not stoned....

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

First, the bidding for courses isnt going exactly well for me.. First time in my whole experience of bidding that i actually got outbidded. And it just had to happen on my last sem? Pui!!!!

In the end, i take another lang. thai.. which i hope would be useful to contribute to my shopping trip to thai in future.
Wad does this means? It means that for my whole education in NUS.. I did not S/U any of the modules that i took..
I think it can be quite silly... NOt making use of the option.

But the good news is that i finally went ikea today to purchase some small stuff for my room... ahha
after one whole holiday.. but then it was very crowded... i could never imagine how packed it can get.. All i can say that its like packed sardines when we are queuing up to make payment.... the restaurant was also full of people.. the queue was stretched to the staircase. and i cant redeem my free coffee.... :(
I try it again nxt time... I get my free coffee and discounted meal.

I haven packed my room since i have shifted in around 2-3 months ago.. The boxes are still lying around and i think it feels like a store room more like a bedroom. However this storeroom has got heap and heaps of papers lying around.
I gonna get it done before the new year or my parents would nag at me again...

Talk to the day

Sis: I dun wanna go work tmr.. sian
Me: me too
Sis: u only got work tmr after that u study..
Me: i dun wan to study also
Sis: u dun wan to work nor study! so wad u want?
Me: I want my holiday.. i have no holiday.....

I guess if i have a choice i opt for a two weeks holiday which compromises of lazing around... doing nothing and letting my brain rot....

Too bad sch had started .. I gonna miss my lesson tmr for a presentation....

ANyway i skipped a monday lecture thinking that it would be webcast.
In the end, it only webcast the last sem lecture... not this sem.....

Should i be more hardworking for this last sem or play more for this last sem... hehe
Cant decide.... Lets see how things goes.... Its my last sem in sch..

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

ITs the starting of another year.. woo........

New year new hopes and certainly its worth looking forward to.

But right now.. i am again rushing for another report to be handed up this tuesday..
Yea.. i am doing work on this hols.. but then its afteer a round of playing... hehe Slept at almost 12pm today i think this is the longest record i hold for this year... awake for more than 24 hrs and still kicking alive....

But the aftermath of too much over night and playing is the outbreak of a vast amount of pimples on the right hand side of the cheek and forehead.

For both christmas and new year, its more or less spent at friends house... dun feel like squeezing in crowds anywhere...

But the nice thing is we are able to catch the fire work at clark quay yest night and i would say the firework for this year is absolutely fabulous.. heee.. i think its better than the national day one.. too bad.. nice moments never last long.. the firework only lasted around 10-15 mins like that...

And i meet a sec sch friend who i haven seen in a long time... I would say she is really a beautiful babe.. ahaha.. I think its really nice to see her after 3 years esp on a new year day.. meet her at ard 12 plus at a traffic junction...

Wad a coincidence.. hehe

Watched a cartoon movie at 150am last night.. i think its the first time in my life that i watched a movie so early in the morning..
Thank goodness that its quite a nice show otherwise i think i would be real wasting the tixs and money.... after that its rounds of majong and dice game in a friends house...

Penalty for dice game is to drink mixed alcohol like screwdriver which we made ourselves and etc...
wasnt exactly fantastic.... i mean the drinks.. wad raspberry with pepsi and volka... omg.... absolutely turn me off...

However i tried to mix some drinks myself earlier in the day and i think its not too bad except that i added too much alcohol... Had to finish up the whole thing myself. .

me trying to act intellect which i think ended up more like being stupid..( thanks to the photographer) hhaha
with a cup of mixed 7-up and bacardi..
I think its nice.. I mean the drink..

Happy New year everyone!!! Posted by Picasa
Best wishes....

unlocked @ Sunday, January 01, 2006

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