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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Yest marks the end of my exam and therefore...

Am i unemployed now? haha
NO longer a student?

THis is the question i am wondering when i go and fill up the application
form for the basic theory test..

For the occupation section

I am hovering between putting either unemployed or student..

After some consideration

i fill it up as student.. at least i can tell the instructor that i want to learn more in a lesson so that i can pass faster and go for the exam n get my license faster.. hahaa..

Now i am trying to change my test date.. from 31may, i changed to 10 may... realising that i have a course on that day, i thus changed it to 19th may..

NOw i am going to change it again... maybe to some day in between 10 and 19. haha
if i can get it.. whaha..

Luckily there is the online system where i can change it for as long as i like..

I am so fickle..

Now i should try sending out resume for my jobs.. so change it to employed. hehe

unlocked @ Saturday, April 29, 2006

Thursday, April 27, 2006

TMr will be the last exam i take as a Student of NUS..

this will be my last time that i would have to mug haha...

Its kind of weird that after this sat, i would be officially bidding good bye to the student life.. The next step would have to get myself a job and so on..

I have certainly grown attached to my identity as a student over the years.

though i have to admit that i dun particularly like studying yet i feel relunctant towards the change of identity or even status.

TOday would be my last day of mugging and i will do everything i can to get all the stuff inside my head..

My last paper that marks the end of my student life.

OF cos i am certainly looking forward to landing myself with a comfortable and ideal job.. haha....

But right now, i am really thinking of wad should i do? where should i travel to? or even the question of should i go travelling.

Arghh.. i think i better mug and try to remember this moment as hard as possible..

unlocked @ Thursday, April 27, 2006

Monday, April 24, 2006

i think the site is fun.. allow u to draw ur own house..

hmm..... i am truely an artiste...

As u can see... this is one of the reason y my mum would choose to send me to take art lesson instead of other type..

My drawing is simply too good!!!

this is the best that i can do with my limited comp knowledge.. thanks for the help colours! hehe

then the url is below


btw i just took it from another friend blog so... but then i still think hers( layout of the pic) is better than mine.. haha

unlocked @ Monday, April 24, 2006

Saturday, April 22, 2006

How do u actually know that an artiste is getting more famous and well known..

Simple... the key is to judge from the mv that they filmed..

unlocked @ Saturday, April 22, 2006

Friday, April 21, 2006

FIrst of all, the GE is coming and it be on the 6th of may..

I may for the first time in my life get to vote.. i am in the punggol or pasir ris GRC( is that wad is it called?)

Come u opposition party to challenge the PAP so i would get to vote..

Never mind if u are still going to lose.. just allow me to have the chance vote......
Frankly speaking.. i am thinking of going for a trip to the nearby countries since my exam would have ended by then.

But then if it clashed with the voting then i would not be able to go..

Wad would happen if i am out of the country when i have to go vote lei?

My mum say that maybe there would be fines... I dunno wad would be the penalties.. Hmm..
On second thoughts.. maybe i would rather i not get the chance to vote then i shalll go to an overseas trip then..

Stupid date to have election if it clashes with the date i want to go abroad... but it be ok as long as i dun have to vote..

Anyway .. i do not paid much attention to the politics in local scene nor abroad..

I maybe the political apathetic youth that most ppl would be talking about..

Having seen the talk betw the MM and the youth advertisement on tv.. though i haven finished seeing the whole program.... I think its a great opportunity for youth to voice out their view..

BUt to me i think its disheartening to see how the follow up of the issues went... saw a short advertisemnt on the discussion on whether the talk that had taken place... the youth have been rude......

OMG!!!!! Its so funny.. first u want ppl to ask then other ppl complain that these ppl are rude...
But the point is not this.. Y a discussion on political one would go on to a moral issue of whether they are rude...

I think the focus should be on the issues that these young ppl brought up ....
A following up program on that would be more encouraging to the health of the political state we are..

Good heavens.. where are we actually going to this way...

Anyway it doesnt matter that much when i still have 4 more papers to go...

The south asian paper down... 4 more to go... i gonna work harder thinking of "y religion" the essay topic for one of the modules rather than all these unrelated issues..

I am v bored again.....

i dun think i am awake yet... haha..

unlocked @ Friday, April 21, 2006

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I have created a cold joke in chinese to entertain myself during this exam period..
Inspiration from one of my friend's nick..
but i am too lazy to use the chinese software and shall translate it to english instead.

THink i would be v bad but then i just wanna share a stupid cold joke

the nick: If we are in Africa, would u ride on a camel with me to see a lion preying on a zebra?

ME: Y is it that u are riding a camel in africa?
Lion and zebra cannot be found in desert assuming that camel can only be found in desert

Friend: then wad u think i should use?

ME: U should use elephant. Its better to use that in the above nick cos it would make the picture
seem more wholesome.
Furthermore, after the lion eat the zebra.. the elephant can step on it and make it flat...
then u can also get to see zebra crossing in Africa. Isnt it wonderful.. hehhe

Friend: .....

I think of weird things during exam period..

It is either my brain is working too hard or even though i am lazing around, i should also have some productive things to do to make myself busy..... eg. like the cold joke and stuff..

Of all the places i been to for revision for the exam.. the top list on the rank of the best studying location still remains at the airport.

I love the airport!!!!!!!!

maybe there is less lunatics there... haha.. thanks to the patrolling guards.
maybe there isnt too many people who is mugging there...

unlocked @ Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Friday, April 14, 2006

I dun understand y i always get v bored during studying break...

I haven really start studying yet and exam is on nxt friday.... Anyway it doesnt matter..... I get my engine start nxt week.. I will do it yeah!!!!

Haizz.... it just feel so stupid and not right when i am supposed to study and all i can do everyday is to daze and gaze....

OK i think i shall share a cockroach story....

There is once this gal whom i know, lets called her cockroach cos i think shes got a face like one.. but the main prob is that i just dun like this gal... Its not that she has ever offended me... she did absolutely nothing of that sort.....

I mean i feel like she is the kind of gal that i kan bu shun yan.... for no apparent reason... I never know that one can dun like the sight of another for no reason.... She is the first one i came across.... and sad to say some of the friends around me also share the same sentiment....

Seeing how outcasted she is.. i do feel a bit sorry for her and so when she talk to me.. i responded more than merely a nod or shaking my head.... thats when my nightmare starts......

She started to stick to me.. thinking that i can be one of her friends... (this is wad i assume cos no one else really bothered with her) OMG.... This is not wad i expected... and soon i avoided her like she is a plague..

For the truth is i really dun like talking to her nor hearing her talk.... I got no interest at all.... I can take it when people talk non stop of topic i have no interest in but then i really dun like to hear her out.... Soon i revert back to respond by nodding or even dun look at her when she talk to me...

I know at this time people will find me bad but the point is that I really really cant take it.. I dun like her.. And its not me who feel this way..... all the others finds her irritating too..

Have u all ever meet some people u just dun like for no apparent reason... or there is just someone who is unpopular with everyone.... Then there will be time when u be kind enough to acknowledge her presence and in the end she stick to u like a fly and no matter wad u do.... she will just not back off.....

Actually for my case.. i took quite a long time to get rid of her and stop her incessant talking.. Its the end of the first three months..haha....

Ok thats the end of the story, I am bo liao........ talking history...

I gonna pei yang mood for studying..... sianzz.......

unlocked @ Friday, April 14, 2006

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

As far as i can remember.. i think my last lesson as a student ended on a tuesday evening at 6 pm..

Nothing out of the blue happen and as usual i am late for my lessons..

I dun realli feel extremely happy nor sad over this.. But to think that my life as a student would offically conclude in the end of this month..

I really dun like this change of status..

From a student ----> worker?
SOmetimes i cant really picture myself being an OL and sloughing the rest of my life away..

BUt then at times.. i would like to hold dreams of being a successful individual in a career..

I would lose the privellege of having a concession monthly bus and mrt pass..

Sometimes i wish i would go for another year. But does this extra year makes a difference..

If u ask me if i really want to study.. my reason would be i could come out and work later... Y not..

TO me its just a form of escapism.. i dun think i would ever know wad i would like to do and find a definite aim in life after this extra year of education..

Exams are around the corner and yet i am not quite in the mood for it yet..

Guess this time round.. It would be the last time i study as a student.. haha... Last exam of the uni education....

unlocked @ Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Yesh.. i went jogging again yest.. haha

The sky was grey and at one glance u can see that the clouds were looming with such menace that the rain would fall anytime..

However, this does not stop me from cancelling the jog.. i still went to the tracks and changed at the toilet..

Its still fine and a bit windy after we came out of the changing room and therefore we proceed with the jog..

After running for half a round... sky gets darker.. and can feel a few raindrops on me already..

Was wondering if we should go for another round before the rain poured when suddenly... it just went came pouring..
Luckily we are near the shelter by then.....

Is this a sign to tell me that i should not go for jog.. my second jog of the year is just going to end after a 400m warm up run?

Or i should have continue the way i binge on food n not make any attempts to shake of f the exxtra fats that i gained...

The way i gorge is really crazy for the past week... It started on a sunday..

Morning 945 am : Breakfast with half packet beehoon, laksa half bowl, you tiao and soya bean milk
Lunch 1 pm : A very big bowl of rice and i finished up all the 3 dishes of food which include fried vege, egg with prawn and fish which the tuition kid mum had cooked.. then it is followed by fruits tarts and a few slices of honey dew.
Dinner 6 pm: the packeted fish soup i brought with rice.
Others: 7 pm - 8pm eat bread, chocolate, finished a whole big packet of chips
Ended the day with A big fuji apple.


Brunch at 12: vegetable rice with 4 dishes and extra rice with a fruit juice.. and after that still hungry and try not to eat any more extra things like tou huay..

High tea: felt hungry at 430 pm again after a heavy lunch.. went to the canteen to get a soya bean milk with waffle

Dinner 7 pm: Eating half of vegetable rice again then a roti prata, and half packet of mee goreng after that finished half a papaya and eat fried cracker..

others: 930 pm hungry and eat Yanyan biscuits hehe.. its nice and good!!!


Brunch at 11 : Ban mian

1 pm hungry: eat biscuits and bread.
4 pm : waffles in sch

7 pm: pepperlunch and then tako patchi right after

1130 pm: instant noodle

With this kind of binging on food in between meals and expanded appetite with each meal.. How can i not grow fat?

The result i think i should have gained around 3 kg in a week time..

Therefore the decision to run again.. to let me feel healthy again... having a mad rush on three assignment over the last weekend.

All the binging with not enough sleep on weekdays n weekends..

I think i need to get rid of the toxins or toxics in the body...

NOw as i am typing this and around 2 hours after my last meal.. i am feeling hungry again...

Off to get food...

# At least i had did some running yesterday... hehe

unlocked @ Wednesday, April 05, 2006

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