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Sunday, February 27, 2005


I just finished one entry and its wiped out due to posting error...

ITs a long entry...

Shall post again when i have the mood!!!!

unlocked @ Sunday, February 27, 2005

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Its been a while since i blogged

Been busy with my life... ya my life....

FIrst is to go to 2 chalets over a weekend which completely drained me of my energy..

Slept only 6 hrs for 2 days.. cant take it..

IMmediately after that is New year... dunno y so busy in new year....

GO here go there get angpow...]

But the most interesting that happened is that i got my self a bit high when i went to my mum's friend house... went to drink red wine.. they say its the sweet one, think its port? dunno how to spell.... N its quite ex as they mentioned it...

As i nv take it before. went to try it.. its like 20 percent alcohol... drank a whole cup went all red and went high... Luckily i left for my home before i start to mumble or wadever... ( i am not drunk but feel a bit high)

Worse thing is that day i nv bring my hp out.. then i have to go online that night as i have to go out the nxt day and things are not confirmed yet...

Damn... use a lot of effort in typing... cant c the alphabets clearly and getting a little tired...

But luckily no hangover.. hehe

The nxt day went to my teacher house to bai nian...

and at night went ktv with weili shuyin they all. N their friends jingping yanyan they all...

ANyway all of them can reallly sing well.. except me.. i dun go ktv often.. must buck up le
But i dun think i have a good voice la...

So until this week sch starts and it sux..
completely no mood at all

then although the term break is coming, i dun feel happy at all... after the term break and i be real busy

with project stuff and things to hand up. essays.. assignments... a lot lei....

I have not really started on any thing proper...

Hope i can really get myself organised and things would go on.....

unlocked @ Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Went to my grandma place today.. played with my pri 3 cousin.... Children are children... no matter how clever they tired to act.. haha

Real funny and i actually play hide and seek with her... hide the five stones and she asked me to find it.. after that its my turn... Nv knew that i could play that long with a kid... from 430 to 830..... in middle have dinner.... but its like 4 hrs lor.... wahahaha

Childish and funny games... Dun understand y could i stand it and play with her so long... Never used to like to play stupid games with kids...

Izzit that i am getting older? can c a 2 in the front le.. not teenager anymore... Sianzzz... legally responsible for all the things i do le... Not to mention can have a greater amt of freedom....

NO matter wad.. babies looked more cute and adorable to me than they used to be?!?!?!

I am trying hard to open my eyes....

Hello everybody....

Let me sing song for u all

or whistle a tune?

Are u looking at me now??

Still looking? ?

ZZzzz... i am tired le..

Good nitezz... Sweet dreams.....

Special thanks to Shuyin for her contributions to these series of photos...

A cute and adorable baby.... (PS this baby is her niece.. )

unlocked @ Thursday, February 03, 2005

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