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Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Year Resolution?

HOw u spend ur 2007? What regrets do we have? what we hope to achieve more?

Is that what we are always looking at..

Its somehow like the lesson of history.. Trying to avoid mistake of the past. So that history does not repeats. or Bad history does not repeat.

Maybe this is called reflection.. To ensure things that we do not want to happen to ourselves again to stop.
But to what extent could we control that?

Achievements that is built on things that doesnt last..

Wanted a better pay rise, better working prospects, better results or building on material needs like a car or a LCD tv..

Working empowers you. You become independent individual with consumption power.
Spending on weekends, spend on your needs and wants. You just spend and spend.
or its called splurge.

I wonder what i am looking for ahead in 2008.

Meanwhile i would just continue my current lifestyle.
Life is about hope and reality. Reconciliating between what you hope and what you get in reality.

Always need to strike a balance between both.

I got my best christmas ever this year, its my driving license.
This is a gift to myself. At least there is no more need to take on lessons and after that having to struggle to work.

I hope i could find some spare time to learn some thai boxing.
Taking it as a form of exercise. Need to sweat it all out.
Current lifestyle too unhealthy..

I hope i could take thai lesson and master the language. And maybe get some sort of certificates or wadever.

I hope i could find my passion, purpose and drive for the nxt year.

Something that could be sincerely found within the heart and not what is being socialised and made to conform.

Thats all for the new year.

As for 2007, it marks the beginning of my adulthood. Bitter, sweet, victory, loss..

I think its the process of really growing up. N waking up from the LALA Land.

LIfe is a long learning journey that would not stop.

unlocked @ Thursday, December 27, 2007

Monday, December 24, 2007


Are we product of love or lust?

this is something i occasionally think about.

If we are product of love, maybe we belong to a more fortunate group.
If we are product of lust, maybe i wont even end up thinking about this.

But of cos, if you are a christain, your answer would definitely be LOVE.

too bad i am not and that is why i am pondering over this occasionally.

生活在天堂里的地狱. . .

永远都不会知道何时堕落. .

还是得小心翼翼地走着. .

生活在天堂里的地狱. . .
生活在天堂里的地狱. . . . . .

unlocked @ Monday, December 24, 2007

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