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Monday, November 29, 2004

lalallalalaallalala hoohohohhoho heheheheeheeheeh
exam over.....

i have so much things to do wooohooo.....

First i have to learn Html.. (so that i can eventually set up the site i mention earlier)

then... maybe i should learn how to put up photos in my blog ( so can show some interesting pictures i came across online)

then maybe i can learn some photoshop editing.... ahhaa so many things to learn yeah!!!!

wad else can i do???? maybe i read some story books to enriched myself...

I was hoping to go to the neighbouring country for a short trip..... but nvm....

Today meet some of my friends after the exam, at one of the point, we are discussing wad will happen to us when we graduate or the profession we are likely to go into when we finished our studies so lets take a look of wad we got....

(i think those who aspire to get into univeristy should not read this maybe it will discourage u ahahhaa)

One from comm studies mentioned that she can work in the media profession after she graduated... although it is believed to be offering a wide range of choice, she would choose to work for mediaworks?? not sure of the company name...

then another one from life science say that she can be a teacher... not too bad but cant realli qualify as a researcher as the cert is not good enough, may have to go abroad to get a better one if she can.. otherwise be a teacher also good...

then one from the biological science say that she feel being cheated into the faculty ( not as glam as she thinks) and dun noe wad prospect she can have in the future... maybe work at the research lab??

2 are from arts... they expressed the same consideration... dun realli noe wad they can do..... its like too much choices and its too diverse thats its hard to pick up any exact profession they can go into.... one say she wanna be a childcare/ kindergarden teacher...which she may need to go take a course in poly on earli childhood, the other would only consider being a teacher as a last resort.... dun realli noe wad she wanna do....

the last person is from a poly, she studying some stuff regarding x rays there... she has the best prospect.... she will noe exactly wad profession she go into in future while the rest just wondered wad they can realli do... so in another words poly education is not bad at all.... at least sometimes they are more technically- abled than some of the undergraduates....

so who's gg to be the nxt contributors to the unemployed situation in sg, perhaps it may be the undergrads who dun even realli noe wad options they have cos its sometime too diverse...

think the minister of education would have fainted if he had overheard the conversation... ( may think that wad a bunch of undergrads they are, so pessimistic??) so much effort had been put on the students to excel in their studies and this is how they become when they go uni???
they have spent so much time on education and then talked about such pessmistic stuff things..... too discouraging for those who wanted to go to uni hahhaha....

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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Guess i cant keep to the promise i made to myself.. weak willed person esp i cant persist on the thought of not coming online...

i dun think i spend much of my time studying either.... watched a show on the 3 gals who went on the donation drive for 3 months... think its some youth challenge program... these gals have to go to the streets for about 8 hrs per day to ask ppl for donation to help the elderly who lived in one rm flat somewhere....

Feel so disgusted!!!!! I am realli wondering if those monsterous organisations are making use of the students to raise donation.. (is it for charity purpose or for the organisation) Y make use of the gals cant u guys who are working full time for the organization go do the fund raising urself.... OR u all are just too pai seh to get rejected on streets by the passers...

Y is there so many ppl doing flat day nowadays?? can c them ard almost every sat.... Are there so many organisation ard that needs $$ or help??? ( pardon me for my ignorance then) SO i have decided that CIP hr thingy is a big conspiracy.... Its a program to make use of students to make money for organisation instead of the charity.... Are most charity mostly funded by govt??? Or they are now trying to shrek their responsibility to take care of those less fortunate to the public.. i noe that we dun have a welfare govt ( who takes care of us when we grow old and we can claim money from them) but nvm....

Anyway, for example the NKF.. every now and then make those stupid fund raising programme to raise money... then it goes on to the NKF for children... then the wad cancer organisation... then then then... president star challenge...

HOW MANY FU*KING MORE PROGRAMMES DO THEY WANNA MAKE??? Do they actually realise that they are realli pissing me off..... i used to be touched by the clips shots that were shown during the show... they talked about how those kidney patients are suffering.... Now they just turn me off..... ITs just resulted in compassion fatique..... Damn... they make me feel like i am an unfeeling creature....

Back to the flag day donation... i used to do it every sat when i am in Leo club... i noe that its not easy to approach ppl and ask for the donation.... its tiring.... (although i dun always do that) Therefore, i will always donate to those ppl even though they dun approached me... Somehow, i find it getting ridiculous... Whenever i go out on sat, i meet these ppl..... Bloody hell how many times must i do the donation..... (i noe its from diff organizations) But i am beginning to get turned off...

SO.... i have decided......

I WILL STOP MY 10 cent or 20 cent donation.... I will simply walked off and say no if they ever approached me..... (it not as if its a lot of money..)

If i ever want to do any charity or wadever... i go down to the organisation itself to make the donation or i buy the organisation the things they need for those needy ppl.. (if i can afford) I think this has far more meaning by putting a 10 cent or 20 cent coin into the can and beats calling the donation line to try to win the condo during the NKF show....

So i shall not waste my 10 cent even i can find no use for that.... And i shall not call anymore for that NKF or wadever donation drive show......

I am certainly discouraging ppl not to do flag day but in future if i ever had the chance i would certainly abolished the system... If ppl realli wan to do some good they may go to the organisation directly.... And maybe if i have master enough skill with my html i shall go set up some sites where ppl can noe what kind of help does each organization wants... wahahaaa.. then students in future need no do any more CIP.... Thanks to me!!!! ahahahaa...

unlocked @ Saturday, November 27, 2004

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Wooohahahaha finished my sc2101.....
left with 2 more paper on the last day of nov....

think i wun blogged until i finish my exam le.... need to mug mug mug my econs....

My aim to be on dean's list ---- dashed...... got back the result of a non-examinable module.... think i gonna get a B for it.... eh... 4 A can get inside the list or not???
i got ZERO for the last test for that module.... sian..... haha but over all still ok la... ZERO.... think its the second time i got ZERO... the first time is at jc.... for one of my test too....

I try for that list again nxt sem... heehee....

Anyway, just found out that blogging helps to destress a bit during the exams... can lament and complain and scold ppl here... hahah feel so Gooooooddd!!!!

some thoughts that i am having now...

will bloggin allowed ppl to judge wad kind of person u r

will it revealed who u r actually? (erm i mean sometimes one may not be sure that if u may have mis-display urself in front of others)

Is it dangerous to share thoughts with ppl or even online..
recently one friend of mine shut her blog cos she say someone used it against her....
I really wonder if it will happen to me hahaa...

Someone told me before that it is possible to share some insight without having to reveal ur character... I am still trying to learn how to do that althought i still cant get wad it means..

Wad if i thought of something really stupid and saying it out loud here would reveal my shallowness... haha...

One of the things i learn recently.. We can be as kaisu as we like no matter how..but when ppl are going to claim that they are more stupid, poorer and not as pretty, let them win!!!
Its not so good here to fight for the first place.. (there should be time when we have to
show our kindness by letting ppl win)

So wad kind of person am I?? Who am I? I am who?
Who is to judge!!

PS: i have a very big pimple on my left eyebrow area.. it is yet ripe but i think it is the result of all the oil i have consumed through the fries i have eaten at the fastfood restaurant... bad mood!! waiting to squeeze the pus out!!!!!

unlocked @ Thursday, November 25, 2004

Monday, November 22, 2004

I just wanna lament about studying something that i dun like
Stupid sc2101.... wad research methods and blar blar.... so bo liao!!!!!!

I will nv ever take another related module again.... (unless its another compulsay module)

Today while studying at the starbucks in T2.. stupid guy who chased us away....
Pls lor i have been studying there for a few times le and was not chased lor..... the area is empty and not as if we would affect the operations of the cafe... There is no one there who needs the seats..... we actually help out to make the area seemed vibrant and occupied!!!!!

Think he must sure flunk his exam lor... otherwise y wun he do that!! Deprived other ppl of the chance to study... Stupid moron !! Asshole..... even if he realli did study, i wonder if his mercury filled brain would have no space to store anymore info!!!!

Anyway watched Get Rea! yesterday which is talking about if singapore women are hard to love.... anyway i think its an extreme bias topic for discussion....
Y not we changed it to Are singaporean men hard to please!!!

I simply cant stand some of the men talking in the show.... think they are sore losers living on the finge of the society.... because they cannot hold their head up in front of the women in singapore (cos we are too capable for them) and they then turned to looking for wives in foreign neighbouring country....

Cowards!! Losers!!!!!

Wad are the criterias they list for the sg ladies
Must be submissive ( pls if u want someone to listen to u completely u might as well go get a pet dog!!! turn right and left according to ur command)

Must be silm ( might as well get some female living in hunger at some south african country, think they should be thin enough for u)

Anyway i am not trying to defend myself as a singaporean women...

ya we may seem as we are hard to please and have high criteria then how about u guys?

Trying to look for someone who has the looks and the brains and be the submissive housewife?
Isnt it as impossible as we looking for a guy with looks and wealth and humourous?

Anyway its the social condition in singapore that led to women to behave differently from those typical type of women u can find in vietnam or elsewhere...

First we are brought up in a nice environment where we are very doted and have no needs to housework as u guys...
then we also received the same education and have the opportunity to be more highly educated than before....
when we work.. we may not earned less than the guys.... so y must it be the women who is always making sacrifice....

As we can c here, as the economic status of a women changes, the social expectation does not...
Man still want their wife to be a homemaker....

in any case.... a women cant find an ideal men here and vice versa..... both blamed one another for the failure to meet each other expectations and turned to look outwards...

It goes to show how underdeveloped we are as in the case of our social aspect in spite of the economic advances we have progressed!!!!

Wondered who is to be blamed for the plight of the men and women in sg....

Sad Reality

unlocked @ Monday, November 22, 2004

Friday, November 19, 2004

oh... today just have my first exam paper.. whereas some ppl had already finished,

Its just the starting of my mugging..... (sian)

think i going to ban 93.3 liao....

yest i was listenin to it and all that lin zhi phonecalls are like exam finish le.. blar blar... gg to enjoy.. (%^#$^#%$) cant they spared a thought for those who are still trying their best to mug!!!

so discouraging..

Back to my first paper... I simply like the feeling of finishin exam... at least u done something and get it over.... No matter wad the results look like.... Its OVER!!!!! wahahah

think i study until a bit gaga le... feel so happy just to finish one paper.. still got 3 more to go....

Anyway i got a story to share.. Kids are the most innovative and creative creature ard.. although sometimes they are hateful.... (being noisy and crying non-stop) They say the darnest things....

I got a missed call from a small boy or should i say prank call.. i am just too bo liao.. saw a missed call and i decided to call back... (normally i dun do that)

it goes

Me: hello may i noe who call this no..

Boy: huh?

ME: ok... just now someone call me then can u help me ask who called this phone no. XXXX

Boy: er..... SHi WO LA.. heeeheee sorry....

ME: huh ? who are u?

Boy: WO shi JIAJIAN la..

ME: How u got my no?

Boy: i got it from a phone book..

ME: oh ok... anyway nxt time dun call me k? dun anyhow call ppl ok

Boy: ok....

ME: ok then byebye....

Boy: byebye...

thats how the whole conversation goes..
actually i was pretty shock.... Kid nowadays are so daring... still dare to tell me who he is and he is the one making the call (pengz*)

So shock that i forget how he got the no. in the phonebook.... ITs my new hp no. which i had not tell ppl... ( i mean onli some of the closer friends noe la)

So after this incident i hoped he will not call me again... although its pretty cute of that kid but i shall not entertain and i shall not be kind to the nxt kids who call me again.... I shall scold the kid till he or she cry!!! hahaha

unlocked @ Friday, November 19, 2004

Monday, November 15, 2004

This is the first time i blogged!! (Claps)

Yeah after so long, i finally started a blog wahahah

Here goes..

let me start with wad inspires me to blog

1) i think i got nothin constructive to do ahahaa
(erm.. no lar just wanna keep a record of the things that happen to me)

2) just wanna start a blog..

3) so much interesting things have happen recently that make me have the impulse to start bloggin

anyway that's all i can think of

Brain dead now... Fancy starting a blog amist the period of examinations...

anyway i am in mel house.. hahaa so many things started with her...

my friendster account created by her... my first blog written at her house.. OMG!!

Hope i will update this blog often and not "start hot and end cold"

unlocked @ Monday, November 15, 2004

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