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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I be going HK in a days time.. wahahhahahah....

Long awaited holiday.. Yeah!!!

However, without a digi cam is not a good thing..
V mafan.. still have to borrow from people.. haiz..
I was still trying to rationalize on why am i still not owing a digicam
though i have always wanted to buy..

1) All my friends have camera, go out they take and upload.. i dl..

2) I dun get to use it on all occasion.. so wads the use of owing one..

3) I dun go abroad every year.. so no need lah..

Pt 3 rebutted by those ppl i know..

the conversation goes somehow like this..

ME: I dun realli see a need to buy one lah... not as if i go abroad every year..

Friend M: (give a "__" face) pls lor.. where got nv go abroad every year..

Friend F: Ya Lor..

Friend M: Last year u go Taiwan.. the year before also.. where got not every year..

I got nothing to say already..

Heard that there is another IT fair coming up on june...
I think i really really need to get a cam this time round....

Really need to get one...

On a side note..

I went for my annual run on last sunday!!!!!

Remarkable run of 2.4 k and walking dist: uncountable..
from east coast walk to bedok.. then from bedok take bus to siglap..
then from there walk to katong...

WHAHAHAH.. Wahahha.....

thus my tight and leg are hurting till today..

But it is good exercise plus i have a v v satisfying dinner.. hheeheh...

unlocked @ Tuesday, May 01, 2007

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